7 Ways To Prevent Back Pain

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Do you suffer daily from back pain? You are most definitely not alone! Four out of five people suffer back pain each year, and ten per cent of those experience significant disability as a result. So don’t take your back for granted and follow these simple tips from the Australian Physiotherapy Association to help you [...]

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Instagram Butt??

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We often hear about poor sitting posture and it's effect on the lower back particularly. This article makes good mention of the effect of poor standing posture and how the 'instagram butt' or 'sway back' as it's also well known as, is in fact often a postural habit rather than a structural abnormality. APA Sports [...]

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Foam Roller Exercise

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They are inexpensive, can be used for a massage, to make you stronger and more flexible. Read this article where Holly Brasher, Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Physiotherapist, speaks of the benefits of foam rollers to your health. Do you own a foam roller? Come in and get one from us and help yourself to better health. Available [...]

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Sleep: Reduce Injury and Improve Performance

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Mick Hughes (Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist), has published a great blog summarising some of the effects of sleep on the body. An interesting read for all on a topic that is underestimated for it's effects on injury and performance. Thanks Mick. If your not happy with your pillow and are finding it hard to find the [...]

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Sitting, Exercise & Death

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Here's some great research again highlighting the correlation between physical activity, sitting time and death rates. Desk bound blues? Have a read and find out what's recommended for exercise levels and type and whether the amount of sitting you do increases your risk factors. Source: Julia Medew, The Age

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10 things not to do if you have lower limb tendon pain

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We can't say it any better than the Professor herself. Read this blog from Professor Jill Cook to learn more about these injuries and there management. Remember to consult us for direction to work out what specific individualised exercise level is appropriate for your rehabilitation.

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Samaritans Purse Donations Arrive

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Further to our previous news re Operation Christmas Child, I can inform you that our 10 boxes were delivered on Christmas Day to children in Vietnam. Every shoebox is a wonderful expression of unconditional love that brings Good News and Great Joy to the boy or girl who receives it. Thank you again for participating in [...]

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Wow, thanks everyone

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Truly awesome! Thank you to the wonderful giving patients that donated cheerfully to Operation Christmas Child. Exceeded expectations this year. 10 jam-packed boxes of goodies for Christmas for those less fortunate. We have contributed 2 boxes for 2-4 year old boys, 2 boxes for 2-4 year old girls, 2 boxes for 5-9 year old boys, [...]

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Prostate Cancer and Physiotherapy

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Where you aware of the evidence that supports physiotherapy intervention around prostate cancer surgery? Please click on this link to access the Australian Physiotherapy Associations resource, "Physiotherapy & Prostate Cancer Surgery".

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