Prostate Cancer and Physiotherapy

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Where you aware of the evidence that supports physiotherapy intervention around prostate cancer surgery? Please click on this link to access the Australian Physiotherapy Associations resource, "Physiotherapy & Prostate Cancer Surgery".

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Sport and Activity during childhood and adolescence

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Continuing our focus on physical activity in youth from our previous post (2nd April 2016 titled Organised sport doesn't effect sedentary time in youths), comes recently published research in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. A recent study titled "The influence of sport club participation on physical activity, fitness and body fat during childhood and [...]

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Mulligans Mobilisation

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Nicole attended a very interesting course down in Sydney in early June. The course was based on manual manipulation of the upper quadrant, founded by a New Zealand Physiotherapist Brian Mulligan. The underlying premise of the technique is explained by looking at the mechanics of a healthy verse unhealthy joint. A healthy joint has a [...]

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Pilates Pereira

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Completion of Pilates Nicole recently completed her training in Pilates enabling her to pass on her skills and knowledge to the clients of Nelson Bay Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre. Here's some of Nicole's thoughts on the Pilates method..... "Mid this year, I was honoured to have completed my Pilates training under the guidance of [...]

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Avoid the injury blues this winter

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As the days get colder and drearier, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) is urging Australians to ignore the temptation to go into exercise hibernation this winter. Sports Physiotherapist Rosemary Riley said wet and wintry conditions combined with heightened injury concerns often prevent Australians from being active during the long, cold months. Sports injuries peak during the [...]

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Ergonomics in The Office

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Physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney got tired of treating upper limb symptoms from computer users who responded to treatment onto find symptoms returned when office work resumed. After completing many ergonomic assessments through her firm The Good Use Company, Sarah identified that the interaction of keyboard and paperwork simultaneously was putting staff in a reach/twist posture. Her [...]

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