What happens to your body when you stop exercising?

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Story at-a-glance Just 20 minutes of daily exercise leads to dramatic increases in brain Endurance runners who skipped exercise for 10 days had reductions in blood flow to their brain’s hippocampus, which is a region associated with memories and emotions After about two weeks of not exercising, your endurance may suffer because of decreases in [...]

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Exercise programmes can reduce fall rates

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Systematic reviews show that older people who exercise have 21% fewer falls than controls – and in some clinical groups exercise programmes can halve fall rates. In a seminar on bone health and fall prevention, Catherine Sherrington from the University of Sydney, Australia, said that falls in older people are common – around one in [...]

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Why is sitting so bad?

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SafeWork NSW has just released a new video about the dangers of being sedentary at work and ways people can move more and sit less. On average, Australian adults spend an estimated five hours a day being sedentary, which can lead to health effects including lung stress, reduced blood flow, poor mental health and even [...]

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Future Proofing Your Knees

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Continuing on from our previous posts regarding knee osteoarthritis and arthroscopic surgery comes this recent piece from Paula Goodyer in the Sydney Morning Herald. With knee joint replacements increasing by almost 30% in the last decade, find out what you can do to help reduce load on your knees and therefore decrease the likelihood of [...]

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