Quality Support For Charity Riders

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Article: Courtesy of writer, Ms. Ellie-Marie Watts, Port Stephens Examiner When 50 riders hit the road for Camp Quality next month they will have three Port Stephens residents supporting them along the way. Scott Ward, from Salamander Bay, and Corlette residents Stephen Wilson and Carol Compton will form part of the support crew for the riders taking part [...]

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Are you Stable or ?

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What is Stability? Clinical stability can be defined as the spines ability under load to limit patterns of displacement in order not to damage or irritate the spinal cord and nerve roots, and to prevent deformity or pain caused by structural changes. Spinal stability is the basic requirement for the transfer of movement between the [...]

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Golf Warm-Up

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Improve your golf swing and recovery time with a dynamic, golf specific warm up. Current research and thinking around pre-performance warm up has found significant benefit in a dynamic warm up – that is moving and activating your muscles, instead of your traditional stretch and hold (static stretching). Ultimately the idea is to prime your [...]

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Running Injuries and Gait Analysis

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Running is a popular fitness choice for many Port Stephens residents. It is inexpensive and requires minimal equipment and allows us to take advantage of some of our beautiful natural surrounds. However, research suggests that between 30% and 80% of recreational runners sustain a running-related injury at some point in their training. These injuries can [...]

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More of the Same or Balance?

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Have you ever considered what you do each day from a movement and positioning point of view? Are you static or dynamic in your movement? Do you sit or are you on your feet during the day at work or home? For those on your feet, are you walking around, standing still, doing lots of [...]

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Exercise alone is not enough

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Reading the cover of Time Magazine several years ago I noticed a title: ‘The Myth of Exercise and Weight Loss’. Naturally it captured my attention and I read the article. It went on to explain that many people perform great exercise but quickly undo their good work with a coffee and cake or similar afterwards, [...]

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Finding the balance in movement

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You may have considered what your life looks like in the overall balance of what you do, and how you balance your time and energy with family and friends, work, rest and recreation, personal development, etc. But have you ever considered the balance of what you do within the realm of those subgroups, and more specifically in [...]

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