Lumbar Disc Herniation: Should I have Surgery?

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Lumbar disc herniation is a common low back disorder that produces low back pain and/or leg pain in adults. A herniated disc is a displacement of disc material beyond the intervertebral disc space, these usually remain asymptomatic however can cause discomfort if the disc compresses an adjacent nerve or the spinal cord. Disc herniation often occurs [...]

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Inadequate Sleep and Resistance Training

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A recent systematic review has evaluated the effect of sleep deprivation (i.e. no sleep) and sleep restriction (i.e. a reduced sleep duration) on resistance exercise performance. Resistance exercise is an effective means to maintain and improve physical capacity and metabolic health, however, the outcomes for populations who may perform resistance exercise during periods of inadequate [...]

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Exercise Extra – Pectoralis Stretch

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The pectoral muscles (major and minor) are located in the chest attaching to the collarbone (clavicle), sternum, ribs and the arm bone (humerus). Pectoral tightness results in the movement of the shoulder forward and occurs with poor postural habits (‘slouching’) where the chest concaves and the shoulders become rounded. This positioning increases the risk of [...]

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is one of the most commonly seen injuries in sport and has a devastating influence on patients activity levels and quality of life. Complete ACL rupture can induce other pathological knee conditions including knee instability, damage to menisci and the chondral surface. This can lead to early onset of osteoarthritis. [...]

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Operation Christmas Child

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I know it's early but at Nelson Bay Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre we support the work of Samaritans Purse via Operation Christmas Child. We have supported this great cause in previous years and once again we will be doing so. We have set the goal of filling a minimum of 5 boxes (one for a [...]

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