Pelvic Form Physiotherapy

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A wonderful professional development session today was enjoyed with Pelvic Form Physiotherapy's Amy Hansen discussing all things pelvic floor. Did you know that: 75% of women experience prolapse at some point in their life 40% of men in their 40's have erectile dysfunction (and this statistic increases by 10% for every decade). It is estimated [...]

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Exercise Extra – Figure 4 Stretch

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This specifically stretches the piriformis and iliotibial band (ITB). This can be useful for knee, hip and back pain when used appropriately. Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Cross your left foot over your right thigh. Lift your right leg off the floor. Grab onto the back of your right leg [...]

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Can Physiotherapy help my Osteoarthritis?

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Yes! High-quality evidence proves that exercise reduces pain and improves physical function in patients with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) has a significant impact on one’s physical function and quality of life. The knee, hip and hand joints are predominantly involved, resulting in physical symptoms of pain, swelling and reduced function. Furthermore psychosocial symptoms of anxiety and [...]

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Netball Australia Knee Program

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Did you know Scott is a nationally endorsed provider of Netball Australia’s KNEE program?! What is the KNEE program? The KNEE program is a 10-12 minute warm up that prevents knee injuries, enhances performance and extends play. The KNEE program provides: · An evidence based warm up specifically tailored for netball players · The potential to reduce [...]

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