Chronic Pain Mythbusters

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2019 World Physiotherapy Day - Sunday 8th September People who have chronic pain often tell us that it can be difficult to get or stay active. But physiotherapists can suggest activities or an exercise program that are right for the individual experiencing chronic pain. They can help understand how pain works, reduce fear around pain, educate [...]

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Hip Bursitis or is it?

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Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome or Hip 'Bursitis'? Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) is a term used to describe the condition previously often inaccurately diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis. Bursae are fluid filled sacs that provide cushioning between bony prominences and overlying tissues. Trochanteric bursitis was previously used to indicate inflammation of the bursa of the lateral [...]

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What’s best for your ankle sprain?

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When should you see a Physiotherapist for your ankle sprain? Ankle sprains (rolled ankles) are one of the most common musculoskeletal injury. Most people think that a sprained ankle is a minor injury that will resolve on its own. However, research has shown that symptoms such as pain, swelling, reduction in range of motion and [...]

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Concussion in Children’s Sport

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It's Winter and often with it comes an increase in the number of children participating in contact sports. Did you know that concussion is a from of traumatic brain injury and it can occur even without contact to the head? Please prepare yourself for the care of your child by clicking and reading this link [...]

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Do you have Knee Osteoarthritis?

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A new decision support tool for patients suffering with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee has recently been developed. The tool will provide evidence-based information to assist you in making more informed decisions by identifying treatment options, including the risks, benefits and cost. Find out more about this comprehensive tool by clicking here. Remember to also read our [...]

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Heat or Cold – What’s best to use when?

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As physiotherapists we often get asked whether the application of heat packs or ice packs is more useful for all sorts of injuries. The answer isn’t black and white. It depends on your injury, what stage of healing you’re up to and what your preferences are. Typically, an acute (fresh or new) injury will respond [...]

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Manual Therapy PAIVM

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What are we as physiotherapists doing when we push on your back? We are performing a technique known to us as a PAIVM or passive accessory intervertebral movement. A PAIVM involves a small movement of one vertebrae in relation to the vertebrae above and/or below. We use this technique as an assessment and as treatment. In [...]

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Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen Shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis is a musculoskeletal condition affecting range of movement and resulting in pain in the shoulder joint for long periods of time (generally 9 months to 2 years in duration). This condition can occur as a result of immobilisation, trauma or spontaneously for no apparent reason and it is [...]

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Sponsors Nelson Bay Football Club

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We are pleased to announce that we are continuing our association and sponsorship of Nelson Bay Football Club this year. We are excited to be a part of helping the club to stay fit, run fast, and score lots of goals on and off the pitch in 2019! It all started with the FIFA 11+ [...]

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Tips for Avoiding Dance Injuries

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A great article in "Whats On In Our Backyard" magazine written by Joanna Atherfold Finn with the tips of our very own physiotherapist, Pilates practitioner and Dance Teacher, Lisa Ward. Read the pg. 11 article here (danceInjuriesArticle) and better still follow the advice! If you want to dance better come and see Lisa before the year gets [...]

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