The Physiopak

February 20, 2016

Initial research in the late 1990’s at the University of South Australia was of great interest to the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and revealed alarming figures regarding the weight that children were expected to carry in their backpack.

The APA then asked Spartan to develop a bag that limited the load that a child could carry, so the bag wasn’t too big in terms of volume and also reduced the amount of sag that the load caused in the bag.

Through it’s deisgn the Physiopak aims to limit the amount of load that a child can carry and also reduce the amount of sag the load can cause. Its base, constructed from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, and waist belt were designed to distribute load more effectively across the body in an effort to combat damage to the wearer’s hips and backs.

The main features of the Physiopak are:

  • lightweight moulded EVA foam padding
  • unique multi-fit sliding waist belt mechanism
  • contoured adjustable shoulder straps
  • internal laptop pocket
  • tufflite fabric

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Courtesy of APA InMotion February 2016