Exercise Programs and Clinical Pilates Nelson Bay

Who Will Benefit From Clinical Exercise Programs?

  • People with neck or back pain
  • Hip, groin, shoulder injuries
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Pre- and Post-natal women
  • People keen to get back into exercise
  • Athletes and dancers
  • Office/Desk occupations
  • People looking to balance their lifestyle
    with regular strengthening and stretching

Health Fund Rebates: For Private Health Claims, the PinPoint Program is claimable under your Physiotherapy cover. The Spinal Health Classes are claimable under Pilates or Exercise Class cover. Please check with your fund as to your cover for these mat-work classes.


Small classes led by physios are safer and more effective

Our Exercise instructors are Physiotherapists: Professional expertise in biomechanics and injury ensure that your exercise program is structured to achieve optimal results for your individual needs. The courses are graded so that you build your core foundation and confidence first, then gradually progress to more challenging exercises to keep you motivated and challenged. We integrate the latest scientific research on low back pain with core stability and injury management with some of the concepts of the Pilates Method.

The Pilates (pronounced pee-lah-tes) method, created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s, focuses on the stability and strength of the spine – particularly through developing control of the deep abdominal muscles.

Health fund rebates: unlike standard Pilates classes, Physiotherapist-run classes are eligible for health fund rebates under extras cover

Spinal Health Classes (max. 6 people)

These classes are great for improving your core strength and stability while enjoying an effective general workout. Before you start, a private session will introduce you to the concept of body awareness and to ensure you enrol at the appropriate level.

The classes are progressive.

Gentle: this is for you if you have an injury or wish to work at a gentle, basic pace.

Intermediate: you are already familiar with basic Pilates principles. Small equipment and exercise balls provide extra challenge.

Advanced: you are accomplished at Intermediate level and have no acute injuries.

PreNatal: this class is specific for those during pregnancy. Exercises have been chosen and modified to focus on strengthening, stabilising and stretching the areas most needed for pregnancy, labour and post birth.

Customised – Pin Point Program/Strength and Stability Programs (max 3 people)

Individualised programs are highly beneficial because they are designed to meet your specific needs, capabilities and body type. Whether you are injured or not, you will achieve increased flexibility, strength and stability so that you can live your life better. Your program will be monitored and adjusted as you progress which is also perfect for people who are keen to get back into exercise safely.

You begin with a full body assessment and two or three private sessions to become familiar with your individual program before joining group sessions. A class size of just 3 people ensures affordability PLUS the individual attention and feedback essential for the safe execution of exercises. Learning how to move, and where to move from, is vital to injury prevention and rehabilitation.