Physiotherapy is Not a Luxury

August 31, 2016

Have you sprained a ligament or a joint doing something awkwardly or did you sprain your ankle playing sport or walking on the beach? Did you strain your hamstring or calf as you ran to score the try or walked up the step? These injuries are generally acutely painful and are best treated with early intervention that may require the fitting of a brace or some compressive garment. We can select the right support for you and progress you through rehabilitation to ensure good physiological healing and restoration of function.

Physiotherapy is vital for health and wellbeing of the Australian community. It enables countless Australians to have quality of life.

Yet despite the evidence of its benefits, physiotherapy is treated as a luxury item. It remains out of reach to many Australians who need it most, including people living with chronic conditions and many Australians who do not have private health insurance.

The APA believes all Australians should have equal access to safe, high-quality physiotherapy. It will bring improved health outcomes, lead to cost saving and make Australia’s healthcare system first class as it should be.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has been lobbying for improved access to Physiotherapy for all Australians. We encourage all Australians to support this campaign. The campaign commenced during the Federal Election campaign and continues today. Feel free to write to your local member pushing for improved access across the community.