Ergonomics in The Office

September 03, 2016

Physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney got tired of treating upper limb symptoms from computer users who responded to treatment onto find symptoms returned when office work resumed. After completing many ergonomic assessments through her firm The Good Use Company, Sarah identified that the interaction of keyboard and paperwork simultaneously was putting staff in a reach/twist posture. Her solution was the Microdesk, a writing platform for keyboard work.

The Microdesk provides a sturdy, elevated, adjustable surface that sits between a user’s keyboard and monitor allowing them to maintain a neutral posture while at their computer. This means they no longer have to reach over paperwork to type or twist to the side of their keyboard to take notes.

Contact Nelson Bay Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre if you are interested in ordering one through us and we can arrange the delivery for you.

Source: APA InMotion July 2016