Mulligans Mobilisation

September 03, 2016

Nicole attended a very interesting course down in Sydney in early June. The course was based on manual manipulation of the upper quadrant, founded by a New Zealand Physiotherapist Brian Mulligan. The underlying premise of the technique is explained by looking at the mechanics of a healthy verse unhealthy joint. A healthy joint has a normal axis of movement, produces no extra load on surrounding tissues, and is therefore able to achieve full range of motion pain free. An unhealthy joint has a positional fault which results in an abnormal axis of movement, this produces abnormal stress on tissues, which causes pain and limitation of movement. With the Mulligan technique we aim to restore normal alignment and axis of movement in a “faulty/ painful” joint to reduce stress on surrounding tissues and therefore restore full range of movement. The technique is pain free and produces immediate and long lasting changes to your pain and range of movement. Additionally we are able to provide you with exercise and taping methods at home to compliment restoring correct alignment of your joint to aid in your rehabilitation.