Instagram Butt??

December 31, 2016

We often hear about poor sitting posture and it’s effect on the lower back particularly. This article makes good mention of the effect of poor standing posture and how the ‘instagram butt’ or ‘sway back’ as it’s also well known as, is in fact often a postural habit rather than a structural abnormality. APA Sports Physiotherapist, Holly Brasher, comments on this all to commonly adopted standing position.

If you are interested in building your gluteal muscles up rather than making them look bigger by changing your pelvic tilt, then here’s an article to give you an insight. What are the signs you’ve forgotten to use your bottom muscles properly?

For all things buttock related (posture and strength), consult us at Nelson Bay Physiotherapy. It is well established that the hip/gluteal musculatures strength has a significant role in reducing other lower limb injuries and lower back pain.