Golf Warm-Up

August 09, 2017

Improve your golf swing and recovery time with a dynamic, golf specific warm up.
Current research and thinking around pre-performance warm up has found significant benefit in a dynamic warm up – that is moving and activating your muscles, instead of your traditional stretch and hold (static stretching).
Ultimately the idea is to prime your muscles to contact quicker, more effectively and with greater control. The key here is that we are targeting the muscle unit at a neurological level.
A traditional prolonged stretch has been found to relax a muscle prior to an event, exactly when we want it to be ‘firing’. With reduced muscle activity your body relies on ligaments and joints to provide stability against the forces exerted upon it.
In a recent international study of 2000 soccer players, there was a significant reduction (30-50%) in knee reconstructions after a dynamic sport specific warm-up called the 11+.
A great introductory Golf specific dynamic warm up has been put together by Jason Glass. Please click here to watch the video and add it to your game tomorrow!

Written by: Lachlan Pappas