Exercise Extra – Hamstring Stretch

April 14, 2018

Hamstring stretching can benefit bending, walking and sitting.

Poor hamstring length can compromise one’s lower back. This is particularly the case when sitting in a sedan seat, when straightening your knees, and when sitting and bending.

Hamstring tightness can also reduce stride length.

Did you know that you have 4 hamstring muscles? The muscles run from the sitting bones (ischial tuberosity) to the top of the shin just below the knee. They are what we call 2 joint muscles as they cross the knee and hip, influencing the movement of both of these joints.

How? Lie on your back, place a towel around your heel, straighten the knee and lift the leg towards your shoulder OR stand up, place your heel on a fence/chair/stool and straighten the knee. Do not reach for your toes but rather stick your bottom out (ie keeping your back from collapsing forward)

Feel free to try this stretch. You should feel the stretch in the rear of the thigh, NOT the calf. Do not hold if you feel it in your calf (as it is your sciatic nerve NOT the calf muscle). STOP IMMEDIATELY and do not continue if you experience ANY pain!