Orthosports Updates

January 21, 2019

Loving soaking up the knowledge to help you. Not that long ago Nicole and Scott took a Saturday road trip to UNSW Sydney for the latest orthopaedic updates from the team @ Orthosports. We strive to keep updated on the latest evidence-based approach to your care.

Themes included:

The Knee
Surgical treatment of the young patient with arthritis, The non-operative management of knee osteo-arthritis 

The Shoulder
The rotator cuff–the science behind the disease, Return to work & sport after rotator cuff repair, Reverse total shoulder replacement   

The Foot & Ankle
Achilles tendon disorders in the ageing athlete   

The Hand & Wrist
Flexor tendon injuries in the hand   

 Lower Leg / Lower Back
Exertional lower leg pain / Low back and referred pain presentations