Manual Therapy PAIVM

March 20, 2019

What are we as physiotherapists doing when we push on your back?

We are performing a technique known to us as a PAIVM or passive accessory intervertebral movement. A PAIVM involves a small movement of one vertebrae in relation to the vertebrae above and/or below. We use this technique as an assessment and as treatment.

In assessment we push on segments of your back and are feeling for the amount of movement and the feel of this movement i.e. is it stiff or loose.

In treatment we are trying to stretch the fibrous tissue surrounding each particular joint and desensitize the area. Research has shown that PAIVMs can have a significant effect on pain and range of motion. It is useful for those with pain, stiffness, temporary jabs of pain and some specific disorders of the back.

So if you have any stiffness or pain in your back, come in and see us so we can relieve you’re pain/niggle and get you moving better.

Better still, lets find out the reason for it and see if we can stop it happening again.

Written By: Lachlan Oberg


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